Our Volunteers

The Tourist Information Centre is fortunate to have 40 dedicated volunteers promoting its Member’s products and services and the Mareeba region.  Our volunteers play a very important role in promoting our region and enhancing visitor’s experience.

Their dedication, passion and knowledge are what make us the organisation we are today.

Meet the team below!

What they do

Our Tourist Centre Volunteers are ambassadors for the Mareeba region. Our Volunteers provide a warm, friendly and sincere welcome to visitors to Mareeba, thus encouraging visitors to stay longer and assist visitors with all inquiries in an unbiased manner!  Volunteers are delighted to share local stories, news and only the things that locals know!

Our Museum Centre Volunteers care for and seek to improve the Museum exhibitions.  Their tasks are wonderfully varied from researching and sourcing new exhibition pieces, accessioning pieces, planning and setting up exhibitions, cleaning and maintaining, chatting with visitors, sharing information and tour guiding.

Want to volunteer?

Please call Janet on (07) 4092 2906 for a quick chat.

Volunteers must commit to a minimum of three shifts per month. Should spaces be available, volunteers may undertake further shifts with negotiation with the Centre Manager.  The duration of shifts is four  (4) hours. The shift times are from 9:00am – 1.00pm or 1.00pm – 5.00pm.

Volunteers will receive an introduction and ongoing training to keep up to date with changes that occur frequently in the Tourist Information Centre: • Orientation • Buddy training for 1-2 months • Ongoing on the job training • Famil programs consisting of up to 3 trips per year • Attendance at monthly Volunteer Meetings.

Our Staff

The Centre employs three staff, all with an extraordinary wealth of experience in their fields of expertise.  Importantly, they all share the passion of the organisation and are committed to delivering our promise to make the Mareeba Heritage Museum a great place to visit.  Our success is built on their passion, drive, integrity and motivation.

The awesome team:

  • Janet Greenwood, General Manager
  • Shirley Lea, Heritage Shop
  • Allan (Pixie) Joseph, Administration

Our Committee

We’re lucky at the Mareeba Heritage Centre to have a group of dedicated professionals who freely donate their time, energy and professional expertise. The Committee are responsible to the Members for the performance of the Centre in both the short and longer term and seek to balance these sometimes competing objectives in the best interest of the organisation as a whole.

Their focus is to ensure the organisation is properly managed and that it remains committed to the vision of Mareeba Heritage Centre Inc.

A Committee Member’s term runs for one year. A Committee Member may be appointed at the Annual General Meeting so long as they are a Member of the Mareeba Heritage Centre. A Committee Member may resign at any time or be removed from office by a special resolution passed by the ordinary Members at a General Meeting convened for that purpose.

The Committee draws on relevant corporate governance best practice principles to assist in the continual performance of the organisation. Day to day management of the organisation’s affairs and implementation of corporate strategy and policy initiatives are delegated by the Committee to the Operations Manager.

The dedicated Committee Members:

  • Mick Borzi, Chair
  • Maria Nastasis, Vice-Chair
  • Diane Pregl, Secretary
  • Louise Mahoney, Treasurer
  • Mary Graham, Committee Member
  • Neil Sandall-Vear, Committee Member
  • Sharon Wilson, Committee Member