Information Kit

About the project

The Lost Stories project will engage the Mareeba community in the process of remembering their history. This project brings together members of the community and the Mareeba Heritage Museum to explore forgotten stories about how Mareeba became such a multicultural community.  The project will build awareness of our history and stimulate interest amongst all members of our community. It will reflect Mareeba’s past, present and future and celebrate the continuing contribution of new people to Mareeba.

The Mareeba Heritage Museum has teamed up with Ventures Online and 4AM KIK FM to produce solicited Lost Stories from the community for online and on screen production.  Recorded stories will also be adapted to radio with pictures.

Mareeba’s migrant history has enabled us to develop into the strong community we are today.  Personal stories and anecdotes are an important opportunity to enrich the public record and to embellish our history.  By giving a voice to our community, we hope to record significant experiences with increased depth and nuance.

Along the way, forgotten moments from Mareeba history will be brought to light.  The Lost Stories project will enrich our community through representation of unique multicultural experiences in Mareeba. It will celebrate the vitality and diversity evident in our community and encourage compassion, acceptance and understanding.

The Lost Stories Project is proudly supported by, “The Regional Arts Development Fund; a partnership between the Queensland Government and Mareeba Shire Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.”

Lost Stories

Throughout history stories have been used to illuminate, to educate, to recount, to challenge and to engage.  Every individual’s life experience is unique and dynamic, particularly for those of us who have journeyed far from our homes to establish new lives in Mareeba.

Lost Stories will be arranged in themes, to show the rich and varied experiences of migrants who came to Mareeba:

  1. Motivation  (War; Poverty; Famine; Natural Disaster; Political upheaval; Religious persecution; Employment;      Education; Employment; Education; Higher living standards; Climate; Freedom; Safety; Family; Better future; Refugees)
  2. The Journey  (Ship; Plane; Seasickness; Luggage; Keepsakes)
  3. First Impressions  (Peace; Culture shock; Wildlife; Nature; Heat; Cold; Weather; Wealth; Food)
  4. Settlement  (Home; Correspondence; Letters; House; Friends)
  5. Work & Play (Job; Dance; Recreation)
  6. Family  (Special occasions)
  7. Challenges  (Homesickness; Distance; Identity; Language)
  8. Return Visits  (Reunion; Visit)
  9. Reflection (Difficulties; Contribution; Memories; Recollections)

These personal stories may be included in the Lost Stories section of our website and may also form part of the Lost Stories Multicultural Display at the Mareeba Heritage Museum.

We encourage you to record your story or those of your ancestors by visiting the Mareeba Heritage Museum to pick up the Lost Stories Information Kit or submit your story online.   Contact Janet on 4092 2906 for further information.

Share your story

Every person’s story has its own unique thread and we are interested in everyone’s experiences.  We are hopeful that as many people as possible will contribute their stories to honour their journeys, to build community and to inspire others.

You may like to write about:

  • Your town and country of origin
  • Your reasons for coming to Mareeba
  • Your ship voyage or plane journey
  • What belongings you brought with you
  • Your first impressions of Mareeba
  • How you came to live and work in Mareeba

Please read the terms and conditions before you contribute your story.  Any contribution may be used in publicity related to the exhibition.

Please note that your story will be limited to 4,000 characters.  You may also like to add a photograph relating to your story.

If you are looking for some inspiration, you might find the following ideas helpful:

Origin Perhaps provide a brief overview of the person’s homeland, family life, education. Consider exploring the reasons behind them leaving their homeland and their decision to settle in Mareeba.
Journey For many the journey itself was rich with imagery and emotion.
Perhaps explore the means of travel, the length of the trip, the hardships faced, the emotions experienced (fear and trepidation, awe and excitement).
Mareeba Engage the reader with reflections on their first impressions of their new home.  Explore key moments and experiences in their lives in Mareeba (births, deaths, marriages).  Look for magic in the everyday (school, friendships, work, meals).  Perhaps identify any successes and challenges they may have encountered.