Mareeba Heritage Centre Inc Board

2017/18 Annual Report

The Mareeba Heritage Museum and Visitor Information Centre, working to enhance visitors’ and the community’s experience of the Mareeba district through the preservation and promotion of our culture and heritage; and to motivate visitors and locals to explore the culture and diversity of Mareeba, the Tablelands and Outback.

This year we  welcomed 65 000 visitors through our doors.

Rules of Association

The Mareeba Heritage Museum and Information Centre trading as Mareeba Heritage Centre Inc is a membership based incorporated association; a registered legal entity established for cultural or charitable purposes; a legal structure independent of its individual members, making it easier for the organisation to enter into contracts.  Amendments were made to the Mareeba Heritage Centre Inc, t/a Mareeba Heritage Museum and Visitor Information Centre Rules of Association and adopted at the 15 November 2018 Annual General Meeting.

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The Role, Responsibilities and Requirements of the Board

Mareeba Heritage Centre Inc is administered by a Board of Directors elected at the Annual General Meeting.  The Board is responsible to the Members for the performance of the Centre in both the short and longer term and seek to balance these sometimes competing objectives in the best interest of the organisation as a whole. Their focus is to ensure the organisation is properly managed and that it remains committed to the vision of Mareeba Heritage Centre Inc.

The Board meet monthly to review the performance and activities of the organisation.  The Board of Directors consist of a maximum of nine (9) persons all of whom are members of Mareeba Heritage Centre Inc.  Directors serve a one (1) year term and elections are held at the Annual General Meeting.  A Director may resign at any time or be removed from office by a special resolution passed by the ordinary Members at a General Meeting convened for that purpose.

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What does a elected Director do on the Board

We are fortunate to have a diverse Board bringing insights and knowledge, combined with professional financial management. The Board draws on relevant corporate governance best practice principles to assist in the continual performance of the organisation.  Directors bring diverse views, skills and specific areas of experience that come together to collectively make decisions.   The day to day management of the organisation’s affairs and implementation of corporate strategy and policy initiatives are delegated by the Board to the General Manager.

Our Strategy

  • Ensure that the significant collections and research are preserved, that the Centre displays are reviewed, reimagined and redeveloped, and that the Centre can continue to be an important cultural venue.
  • To future proof the Centre and increase the current revenue by implementing marketing strategies and key opportunities.
  • To increase engagement with the local community.
  • Ensure the Centre is operated competently and financially responsibly.
  • Manage the Centre as one entity, fulfilling the functions of both the Museum and  Visitor Information Centre.
  • Focus on the primary purpose of a destination information centre: a one-stop, physical location from which travellers can connect to local businesses and services.
  • To maintain the integrity of MHC Inc.’s vision and capitalise on the successes of the centre over the past 24 years.


ABN  25 062 357 797

Formal notification to all members

2019 Annual General Meeting

The 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Mareeba Heritage Centre Inc will be held on Thursday 24 October 2019 at the Mareeba Heritage Museum and Visitor Information Centre, 345 Byrnes Street, Mareeba

AGM schedule

5:30pm Registration and ballot paper collection (as applicable)

6:00pm  Annual General Meeting

Followed by Coffee/Tea

AGM documentation

The 2018-2019 Annual Report, Audit Report and Financial statements are released at the 2019 Annual General Meeting.

Board Director Elections

Nominations have been received for the following Board positions:

Special Interest Director, Mick Borzi

Museum Volunteer Director, Louise Mahoney

VIC Volunteer Director, Neil Sandall-Vear

Tourism Director, Maria Nastasi

Retail Director, Sharon Wilson

Mareeba Shire Council Director, Cr Mary Graham